Covid Action Plan

Last revision: 24 June 2020

Preventing Round 2

As lockdown restrictions are being eased we must remain careful to reduce the risk of a second round, the virus still presents a real threat. For this update we have been reviewing all of our processes and changed where necessary or appropriate to reduce risk to ourselves, each other, our customers, suppliers and our families.

This is done in line with current government advise and instruction.

From the beginning, Online set out a range of comprehensive changes, with regular updates , here we demonstrate how we are continuing to keep safe(r) by further reducing risk and exposure.

This plan is displayed, sent by email to all staff, on our website and through Breathe HR, at depot meeting, at pre-return to work training and furloughed workers zoom calls.

Remember- this is everybody’s responsibility for our own safety. You can make the difference. Please feel free to recommend changes or improvements and raise any concerns rapidly.

Reducing Numbers

  • Staffing reduced from 48 to 26 (with controlled numbers returning to work).
  • Some staff working from home where possible or in less populated environments.

Reducing Exposure

  • Clear signage regarding hand washing etc have been fitted.
  • Travel to work – few staff are currently using public transport, a bike loan scheme will be made available if required
  • Deliveries ( in to us and at our customers) not sharing pens, distancing.
  • Banking- cheque deposits being posted or deposited by phone, negating requirement to visit bank in person.
  • Customers being encouraged to pay by BACS, card of DDM, not cash or cheque.
  • Kitchen supplies being delivered by ASDA , contactless
  • Pens- good supply available, encourage to only use own and not share.
  • Tea making facilities on each floor to reduce use of kitchen.
  • Water bottles provided for all staff to reduce need to buy drinks locally when travelling.

Reducing Proximity - Spacing

  • Delivery starting times have been staggered to reduce the numbers of people in the depot at any time.
  • Driver checks are being completed away from site.
  • Desk distancing in place with use of desk screens where desks are facing (with option to change position).
  • Only 2 people allowed in trade counter/ kitchen at Barking.
  • Front door is locked , bell in place to gain controlled access (for staff and visitors), hand sanitiser dispenser being fitted on external doors.
  • Practicing distancing in common areas at work.


  • Handrails, door handles and kitchen surfaces being disinfected three times per day (Lisa ta Barking, Amarjit at WA).
  • Cotton towels removed from washrooms and replaced with paper towel dispensers and hot air hand dryers.
  • Soap dispensers fitted, touchless ones now being installed.
  • All visitors and staff instructed to use alcohol hand-gel (or wash hands) on arrival.
  • Contactless Hand gel station placed outside front door.
  • Hand gel issued to all staff for use at home and work (2 x 500ml bottles with replacements readily available).


  • Gloves , hand gel readily available and being encouraged.
  • Masks available on request, particularly if staff using public transport.


  • Vehicles - all vans (and forklifts) to have interior (by the driver) , steering wheel and handles wiped down with disinfecting fluid before and after use ( only exception is when you are , and will be the only user of that van).


  • Non contact thermometers in place at entrances to check for any signs of fever , will show red and beep if a raised temperature is detected – in which case you are to leave the building and phone your supervisor from outside.


  • Regular updates and reviews of our processes are undertaken with changes and news published on noticeboards, emails and verbally.
  • Checks are regularly made with any non-conformance pointed out.
  • Deliberate and continued non-compliance will result in further action.
  • Video meetings taking place instead of in person.
  • Customer and supplier visits are made only by exception.

Staff (and family) with symptoms

  • Those working that show or feel any symptoms (or their immediate families do) are being instructed to shield at home for 7/14 days and to get tested as soon as possible.
  • This period is at full pay to ensure that nobody is tempted for financial reason not to declare such symptoms.

Returning to work

  • Return to work reviews continue to be conducted for all following a period of sickness or isolation
  • Pre-return from furlough training sessions are being held at WA in small groups to detail new measures and ensure all are informed, staggered return dates are being agreed.
  • Intention is to prevent increased numbers disproportionately increasing risk
  • Some staggered working patterns are being established to keep numbers down.

Help for the concerned and vulnerable (or those with vulnerable family)

  • Where appropriate, discussions can be had to address concerns. Periods of absence may, on exception, be allowed.

Consultation and Raising Concerns

  • Anyone is encouraged to question or suggest amendments and improvements to the above to their manager.