Red Diesel

Warning to users of Red Diesel
The government plans to stop its use of Red Diesel from April 2022 and compel use of white diesel only. Be aware that this may affect your business. A consultation ran from July to October 1st 2020 and is now being analysed.
Government Information
What is Red Diesel?

Also known as gas oil and 35 second oil, red diesel is a cost-efficient fuel, commonly used in the construction and agricultural industries. Gas oil is a cheaper option in comparison to using road fuel, due to the way it is taxed, but is illegal to use on the road. We supply red diesel in various quantities ranging from 20 Litres to bulk.

What can you fuel with gas oil?
Tractors, diggers and cranes
Backup generators
Ride-on mowers
Heating fuel

Legal Requirement
You don’t need a license to purchase red diesel, but you do need to ensure that you purchase it from a registered gas oil supplier. You must also adhere to the legal usage, failure to do so could result in a large fine or imprisonment.
Online Lubricants is a registered gas oil supplier with HMRC.

For urgent deliveries, please contact us on 020 8507 0123 or sales@oils.today

Fractional Distillation of crude oil diagram
Barrel Deliveries

Barrel deliveries are convenient if you are working on a site with limited access, or for a limited time and don’t have the space for a tank. Online Lubricants is the leading supplier of gas oil barrels in London and are capable to deliver same day, if required.

Bulk Delivery

With our standard bulk delivery service, we can supply you with bulk quantities within 48 hours. However, if you require a faster delivery, please get in touch and we will be able to accommodate any requirements.

Emergency Delivery 24/7

We pride ourselves in having a rapid response team and providing an outstanding service to our customers. We are available 24/7 for emergency call outs and never say no to getting you out of a stressful situation.

For emergencies, please contact us any time on 020 8507 0123 or email us on sales@oils.today

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    24/7 out of hours deliveries
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    Guaranteed delivery service – We will never let you down.
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    Simple ordering process – Call us and we’ll deliver it. Guaranteed.
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    Difficult access deliveries – Our fully equipped vehicles enable us to deliver in areas with restricted access and cause little or no disruption when pumping directly into your tank. We also accommodate limited height access.

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