Bulk Supply Scheme

AdBlue is becoming increasingly more prevalent, especially with the launch of London’s ultra low emission zone (ULEZ) in April 2019. Therefore, maintaining a large fleet of diesel vehicles can prove costly. Our AdBlue Bulk Supply Scheme enables your business to reduce what you pay for AdBlue whilst supplying you with a FREE AdBlue tank on site.

What's involved?

We lease your business a free AdBlue tank, which is installed on site and fully equipped with an electric pump, auto shut off nozzle and an integrated telematics system, so when you’re AdBlue drops below a certain level, we will organise a delivery and top it up for you.

How it works?

  • We arrange for the supply and installation of a free AdBlue tank on site (tank sizes vary depending on monthly usage)
  • An integrated telematic system notifies us when you’re running low and we arrange a delivery so that you never run out
  • To qualify for our Bulk Supply Scheme, your business must use a minimum of 1,700 litres per month

What are the benefits?

  • Reduce AdBlue costs with fixed low-cost quarterly pricing
  • Free supply of a high quality AdBlue bulk dispensing tank on site worth £2795+
  • GSM Telemetry system for automatic reordering
  • No tank maintenance costs
  • Free delivery and installation
  • No more IBC deposits!

Delivered Quantities

AdBlue 20 litre container
type: container
capacity: 5l | 10l | 20l
AdBlue Barrels in 208 litres
type: Barrel
capacity: 208l
An IBC of Adblue
type: ibc
capacity: 1000l
An AdBlue barrel pump
type: barrel pump
capacity: n/a

What is AdBlue?

When diesel engines burn fuel, they produce harmful gasses - Nitrogen Oxide (NOx) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2). These gasses contribute to respiratory problems and the buildup of smog and acid rain. Today’s engine manufacturers have adapted to deal with this problem via a system called ‘Selective Catalytic Reduction’, commonly known as SCR. An SCR system uses AdBlue to create a chemical reaction within the hot exhaust system.

Ammonia is produced via a chemical reaction, which converts harmful NOx and NO2 gasses into harmless gasses: 
Nitrogen (N2)
Water Vapor (H20)
Carbon Dioxide (CO2) – very small amounts

The above gasses are all components of the air we breathe.  SCR technology alone can reduce NOx by up to 90%.

SCR Technology diagram

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