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In July 2019, Online Lubricants was nominated for four out of nine awards at the Barking & Dagenham Chamber of Commerce Business Awards. We won 3 awards and secured 2nd place for the fourth. Our accomplishment was also featured in the local newspaper - The Barking & Dagenham Post..

Certificate for Business of the Year - Online Lubricants
Certificate for Innovation & Use of Digital Media - Online LubricantsCertificate for Business Growth - Online LubricantsCertificate for Training, Development & Supporting Education - Online Lubricants


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  • Employ locally
  • Promote training
  • Pay living wages
  • Staff loans
  • Safety aware
  • Family parties
  • Diverse employer
  • Apprenticeship
  • Social Activities
  • Regular communication
  • Frequent bonuses
  • Optical
  • Enhanced pension
  • Free tea

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