The DURON Challenge

Online Lubricants and Petro-Canada Lubricants want to prove to you that DURON heavy-duty diesel engine oils can increase your reliability and save you money.

Take the DURON Challenge and we will:
1. Assess how DURON can improve your operations.
2. Supply the DURON oil needed for the Challange at no cost to you.
3. Analyse your oil samples to demonstrate the advantages of DURON.

Why Choose DURON?
DURON is a range of durable high performance engine oils. They are designed to improve engine reliability and reduce operating costs through a wide range of performance benefits to ensure your fleet performs at it's best.

Engine Protection & Durability
DURON is an extremely durable oil, specifically designed to meet the category demands of the ACEA accreditation. Surpassing the conditions of the Daimler OM501LA wear test, widely considered “one of the toughest engine performance tests”, DURON provides high levels of engine protection to extend the life of your engines.

Extended Drain Intervals
The longer your vehicles and equipment can go between oil drains, the better it will be for your operations – and the lower your entire lubricant costs will be. The extreme durability of DURON next generation means you can stretch drain intervals with no compromise on reliability or engine protection.

Extreme Operations
Temperature extremes are a big challenge for oil performance. Extreme high temperatures weaken and degrade ordinary engine oils and chilling temperatures impede oil flow. Petro-Canada Lubricants are leaders in all season engine oils – and DURON next generation delivers the performance you can trust.

Fuel Economy
On and off-road, fuel consumption is a critical cost for every heavy-duty business. DURON next generation offers a range of lower viscosity engine oils that have been specially designed to deliver potential fuel savings at no comprise to engine protection. They can help to reduce the amount of viscous drag from the oil in the engine, allowing them to run more efficiently and potentially use less fuel.


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