Going Green

Our intention is to work greener

We are committed to becoming more sustainable as a business and to help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. Since January 2020, we have partnered with Tree-Nation to reduce our carbon footprint by planting trees and funding climate change projects, offsetting all the carbon emissions associated with our own internal operations as a business.  

As part of our continued review of our sustainability, we are dedicated to making further improvements and the necessary changes to be greener as a company and to help our customers become more environmentally responsible.

From the 6th of July 2022, Online Lubricants will be offsetting the Carbon associated with every single product supplied as standard.

For every 1 Litre of oil and fuel sold, Online Lubricants will offset 5kg of CO2
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1 Litre of Diesel releases
of Carbon Dioxide
1 Litre of Kerosene releases
of Carbon Dioxide
For every 1 Litre sold we will offset
of Carbon Dioxide

Whilst Lubricants are not combusted in their initial use, they eventually work their way into the environment through leakages or they are recycled as fuel for power stations, and their emissions are comparable to those of both diesel and kerosene. The result is that offsetting 5kg of carbon for each litre of product sold, more than covers any carbon emissions released from both the use of the products and our wider operations.
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This years impact

trees planted
in total
tonnes of CO2 captured in total

Projects we are funding

Plant to stop poverty project in Tanzania

Plant to Stop Poverty, Tanzania

The Plant to Stop Poverty project uses an incorporated approach to advise and help poorer communities in rural areas to practice agroforestry as a way to fight against prevailing poverty and climate change effects. With this project, food and income securities are guaranteed while forests are restored and protected through tree planting.

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Eden projects in Nepal

Eden Projects, Nepal

Eden projects began in 2015 to help improve local livelihoods and forest restoration. Eden has been working in 3 distinct regions across the country, including a partnership with Chitwan National Park, a World Heritage Site in Nepal. By partnering with the National Park system, Eden Projects is helping to protect and create a reforested buffer zone that is vital to protect animal habitat.

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Trees for tigers project in India

Trees for Tigers, India

This project is being implemented on the fringes of Similipal National Park in the State of Odisha. Similipal National Park is home to the only known habitat of the elusive melanistic or black tigers, and is one of India’s oldest tiger reserves. Declared in 1973 under Project Tiger, it contains 2,750 sq km of forest and is prime habitat for tigers, prey species and elephants.

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What else are we doing?

  • Responsibly collecting waste oil for safe disposal

  • Replacing our old vans with low emissions vans

  • Digitising our processes to reduce paper use

  • Reusing or recycling metal barrels and plastic containers

  • Collecting empty barrels from our customers for re-use

  • Recycling and reducing single use plastics at offices & depots

Carbon Neutral Website

Why it’s important to offset website emissions..

Every year, a website releases several kilograms of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. When a website is used, data is transferred and processed in remote servers.

The electricity consumed by these servers and by our computers accounts for 2% of the world’s air pollution, which is as much as the airline industry.

In the footer of our site you will find our Net Zero website badge.

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of CO2 compensated
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