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Genius ways to upcycle old oil barrels

April 2022
Genius ways to upcycle old oil barrels

There are so many genius ideas online on how to upcycle old empty oil barrels. Upcycling is not only eco-friendly but it can be practical and cost effective too. Oil barrels are made of steel which is a very durable material with a long lifespan. If you are into your DIY and have the right tools, you can find useseful tutorials on YouTube demonstrating how to safely cut barrels.

These are some of our favourite ideas -

  1. BBQ

  1. Firepit

  1. Bench

  1. Chairs
Source: Stonham Interiors

  1. Drinks Cabinet (particularly love this one)
Source: Ginger Garage Products

  1. Lighting
Source: Fasszination

  1. Bar Table

  1. Sink Unit

  1. Bike Storage

  1. Planters