TOTAL Transmission Axle 7 85W-140

Product Description

Customer benefits:

• Efficient protection of gears against wear and corrosion due to stable extreme-pressure properties

• High compatibility with oil filters due to anti-foam properties

• Efficient stability in operation due to high viscosity index


TOTAL TRANSMISSION AXLE 7 85W-140 is a high performance oil developed for axles, highly loaded gears and hypoid axles with double or single reduction requiring API GL-5.

TOTAL TRANSMISSION AXLE 7 85W-140 is particularly adapted for the lubrication ZF manual transmission with drain interval based on OEM recommendations.

Available Quantities


Product Category

  • Commercial Vehicle Oils

Product Oil-Type

  • Gear or Transmission Oils

Product Profile

International specifications:

• API GL-5

Manufacturers approvals: 

• ZF TE-ML 05A, 12E, 16D, 21A