Product Description


• TIFORA PG is an innovative heavy metal-free lubricating grease specifically developed for both protection and "make up" of ‘premium’ (casing/tubing) connections. Tifora PG has been specially designed for Carbon-Steel and 13Cr connections. It can be used in API and semi-premium connections.

• It can be used to replace the heavy metal API dopes (traditionally leaded).

• It may also be used for applications where good anti-seizure properties are required such as drilling in non-severe conditions (water,…).

• If an anti-corrosion product is demanded, TIFORA PG can be proposed as an alternative, and is particularly suited when in a environment exposed to salt spray, such as on offshore, marine and dockyard equipment (open gears,…).

• Always avoid contamination of the grease by dust and/or dirt when applying. Please observe recommendations API RP 5C1 for handling and running.


• Corrective coefficient of friction: 1 (similar to an API thread compound).

• Long term protection with enhanced anti-corrosive properties.

• Environmentally safe.

• Storage stability even in hostile environments, (pipe yards, barges, etc...).

• Clean and safe handling.

• Easy application (by brush) and removal (solvent, DE-greaser) within a wide range of temperature.

• Cost saving considering its light density (0,910) and subsequently lower consumption.

• Safe and easy use for both rig staff and repair shop staff.

• Grease without heavy metals (Zn, Cu, Pb) and powdered graphite.

• Maintains its original consistency without drying out.

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Product Category

  • Grease

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  • Greases

Product Profile


• Approved by: VALLOUREC and MANNESMANN tubes (TSLI 441), SUMITOMO.

• Réferenced TOTAL EP : ref GS EP FP 330.