TOTAL Nevastane SFG 2

Product Description


• NEVASTANE SFG greases are high performance Extreme Pressure food grade lubricants based on calcium sultanate complex soap, synthetic base oil and selected additives.

• NEVASTANE SFG greases are suitable for the lubrication of numerous applications in the food processing industries operating at low or high temperatures (-40°C to +180°C) and in presence of water: bearings, sterilisers, freezing tunnels, bearings in ovens…

Available Quantities

20 x 400G
20 x 400G

Product Category

  • Grease

Product Oil-Type

  • Greases
  • Food Grade

Product Profile


The formulation of NEVASTANE SFG greases complies with the FDA chapter 21 CFR, 178.3570.

• NEVASTANE SFG greases are NSF H1 registered:

• NEVASTANE SFG 1: No 125627

• NEVASTANE SFG 2: No 125626

• NEVASTANE SFG greases are bio-stable products, they do not promote the development of bacteria and mould.