Product Description

Multipurpose adhesive Oil for incidental food contact.

NSF H1 oil in an aerosol for conveyors, rails for use in packing machines.


Type / Applications

  • Food Grade
  • Multi-purpose
  • Aerosol Spray

• Excellent adhesion on metal surfaces.

• Lubricant without dropping point.

• Odour-free and flavorless lubricant.

• Very good resistance to water and steam.

• Good resistance to acids and weak bases.

• Compatible with the elastomers and plastics normally used in food machinery.

• Powerful and precise pulverization thanks to the mini-jet diffuser of the aerosol.

• NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL contains a thickened oil which is adhesive, translucent and at a high level of purity.

• NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL is recommended for the lubrication of numerous applications operating under severe conditions in food processing industries.

• NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL is multipurpose with a wide operating temperature range (-20°C to +150°C) : general maintenance lubrication, conveyors and rails, plain and roller bearings...

The formulation of NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL complies with the FDA chapter 21 CFR, 178.3570.

• NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL is NSF H1 registered: No 141647.
• NEVASTANE LUBE AEROSOL is recommended for use where incidental food contact is possible. That prevents contamination issues as required in the HACCP systems.

12 x 380ML
12 x 380ML

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