Product Description

ELF MOTO 2 OFF-ROAD is a 2 stroke motorcycle oil recommended for driving through urban traffic as well as rural conditions and for the most severe off-road use. It's a new generation lubricant with a formula elaborated to ensure a greater engine protection and to reduce polluting emissions. Both economical and ecological, very reactive to variations in temperature and with ptimized viscosity.

Oil Type / Applications

  • Motorcycle
  • Synthetic Based
  • 2 Stroke Engine
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  • Clean combustion: the mixture's clean combustion guarantees the thermal breakdown of the additives and base oils. ELF MOTO2 OFF ROAD prevents clogging thanks to the additives and balanced base oils it contains
  • Protection, power, endurance: The additives - which have been extremely carefully selected - prevent deterioration due to moving part wear. Guarantees long engine life and reduces maintenance costs (servicing and repair).

• ELF MOTO2 OFF ROAD is a lubricant that is particularly recommended for all types of 2-stroke engine motorcycles, in compliance with API TC, JASO FD and ISO L-EGD international standards.

• ELF MOTO2 OFF ROAD is recommended for driving through urban traffic as well as rural conditions and for the most severe off road use. ELF MOTO2 OFF ROAD’s composition is compatible with lead-free fuels. The product is pre-diluted to simplify separate lubrication and fuel mixtures. Adjust the oil content according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

• ELF MOTO2 OFF ROAD is fortified with synthetic base oils. It provides hydrodynamic lubrication and preserves your engine's power and original performance. The selected fluid viscosity and solvents facilitate miscibility between the lubricant and the fuel, even in applications with separated fuel / lubricant tanks.

International specifications:




18 x 1L
18 x 1L

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