Product Profile


SAE J 1704

FMVSS 116 DOT 4

ISO 4925 Class4

Product Description

Customer Benefits:

Synthetic fluid.

Very high dry and wet boiling points adjusted to ever increasing temperatures encountered in braking systems : prevents from "vapour lock".

Resistant to moisture absorption.

Viscosity suitable at cold as well as high temperatures.

Provides corrosion protection for metals used in braking systems : cast iron, aluminium, steel, copper, brass etc.

Compatible with rubber seals and hoses.


TOTAL HBF 4 is recommended for brake and clutch systems of all vehicles using synthetic fluids when a DOT 4 level is required.

TOTAL HBF 4 is miscible with all other synthetic fluids of similar quality.

TOTAL HBF 4 is not miscible with mineral based fluids (LHM) and silicon based fluids.

The color of the product can vary from colorless to amber.

Product Quantities

12 x 500ML
12 x 500ML
3 x 5L
3 x 5L

Product Category

  • Automotive Oils
  • Other Oils

Product Oil-Type

  • Brake Fluids
  • Fully Synthetic Oils

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