Product Description

Long life antifreeze based upon monoethylene glycol and contains no amines, nitrites or phosphates.  

When is mixed with an appropriate quantity of water it becomes a coolant recommended for all cooling circuits in internal combustion engines, especially MTU (all engines), MB (all engines, without limitation) and MAN systems.

GLACELF MDX provides an effective solution to the problems of corrosion affecting all materials used in cooling circuits.

GLACELF MDX performs well in the corrosion tests required by the specifications: hot plate and glassware corrosion

The additives in GLACELF MDX gives the coolant fluid:

• A reserve of alkalinity (to neutralise the acids resulting from the combustion gases)

• A resistance to foaming (mainly instability of the foam that might form)

• A compatibility with hard water (maximum40°F).

The coolant fluids obtained by diluting GLACELF MDX are also inert to elastomeric seals and paints.

GLACELF MDX is used diluted in demineralised water (< 8F) and forms a permanent coolant that can be used throughout the year.

To obtain a coolant perfectly mixed, it is recommended to mix mechanically the antifreeze with the water.

Protection against freezing depends on the proportion of GLACELF MDX in the water.

It is recommended that the final solution should contain at least 33% by volume of GLACELF MDX.

Do not use concentrations above 70%.

Recommended oil change interval:

It is recommended that the coolant fluid should be replaced every two years.

All antifreezes and coolants based upon monoethylene glycol are regarded as special industrial wastes and must be disposed of in approved centres for environmental reasons.

GLACELF MDX meets the international specifications for antifreezes as well as those of major manufacturers

  • AFNOR NFR15-601
  • BS6580

GLACELF MDX is officially approved by the following manufacturers:

  • AUDI TL-774 C (G11)
  • VW TL-774 C (G11)
  • Skoda TL4-774 C (G11)
  • Seat TL-774 C (G11)
  • BMW GS 94000
  • MB 325.0
  • MTU - MTL 5048
  • MAN 324 TypeNF
  • CATERPILLAR MWM 0199-99-2091/9
  • Opel-GM GMW 3420
  • Vauxhall GM 6277M (+B040 1065)
  • Porsche TL-774 C (G11)
  • Van Hool

GLACELF MDX has been acknowledged as satisfactory for use in their engines by the following manufacturers:

  • Volvo Cars 128 6083/002
  • Volvo Construction 128 6083/002
  • Volvo Trucks 128 6083/002

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