Product Description

FINASOL MF is a multipurpose cleaning product. It eliminates greases, oils, carbon waste and all organic and inorganic pollutions. It seeps easily and quickly through the stains coating facilitating the complete dissolving of oily pollution's and the detachment of insoluble components.

Type / Applications

  • Degreaser
  • Multi-purpose

• Seeps easlily and quickly through the stains coatings

• Facilitates the complete dissolving of oily pollutions

• Facilitates the detachment of insoluble components

• Cleaning of vehicle engines and chassis.

• Cleaning of cement or tiled floors in workshops, industrial plants, car parks, garages and service stations.

• Cleaning of lubrication bays and pits.

• Cleaning of oil-fired boiler house floors and petroleum product storage areas.

• Removing of tar stains of body word.

• Cleaning of machine tools and machine parts.

• Removing of anti-rust protection coatings.

• Cleaning of brushes and tools used for paintings.


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