Product Description

Lubricant for automatic gearboxes officially approved by Renault for AJ0 Automatic Transmission.

Oil Type / Applications

  • Transmission / Gear Oils
  • Automatic Transmission
  • Good starting conditions under low temperatures.
  • Avoids noisy problems when shifting speeds thank to its good shear stability ensuring a sufficient viscosity at high temperature.
  • Ensures very good shifting at all temperatures.
  • Gives good protection of gear teeth even under most severe stresses thanks to its extreme pressure properties.
  • Maintains good shifting all along the gearbox life with its outstanding friction behaviour.
  • Reinforces protection against wear, especially regarding to gearbox mechanical devices.
  • Excellent thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Very high resistance to shear.
  • Outstanding anti-rust and anti-corrosion capability.
  • ELFMATIC J6 can be used on recent japanese AT
  • Generally this lubricant meets the requirements of gearboxes with Electronic Control Transmission and EC Lock Up


  • Renault approval for automatic Transmissions (AJ0 and AJ8)
18 x 1L
18 x 1L

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