Product Description

High performance fluid for continuously variable transmission (CVT) of passenger cars.

This lubricant meets the requirements of gearboxes with Electric Control Transmission and EC Lock Up.

Type / Applications

  • Transmission / Gear Oils
  • Very good thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Very high cold fluidity.
  • Ensures very good shifting at all temperatures.
  • Very high resistance to shear.
  • Protection against wear.
  • ELFMATIC is recommended for RENAULT CVT Transmissions
  • ELFMATIC is recommended for JATCO CVT Transmissions
  • Do not use another CVT fluid for Renault Application
  • Do not use this fluid for NISSAN CVT NS-1
  • This oil is compatible with NISSAN CVT NS-2

Manufacturers’ approval

  • Approved for RENAULT CVT FK / CK / DK
18 x 1L
18 x 1L

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