Product Description

High performance fluid for continuously variable transmission (CVT) of passenger cars.

This lubricant meets the requirements of gearboxes with Electric Control Transmission and EC Lock Up.

Product Oil Type

  • Transmission / Gear Oils
  • Very good thermal and oxidation stability.
  • Very high cold fluidity.
  • Ensures very good shifting at all temperatures.
  • Very high resistance to shear.
  • Protection against wear.
  • ELFMATIC is recommended for RENAULT CVT Transmissions
  • ELFMATIC is recommended for JATCO CVT Transmissions
  • Do not use another CVT fluid for Renault Application
  • Do not use this fluid for NISSAN CVT NS-1
  • This oil is compatible with NISSAN CVT NS-2

Manufacturers’ approval

  • Approved for RENAULT CVT FK / CK / DK
18 x 1L
18 x 1L

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