Product Description

Transmission fluid for axles and differentials equipped with limited slip disc self-locking systems.

Type / Applications

  • Transmission / Gear Oils
  • Guarantees the high cleanliness of the limited slip discs installed in the axle
  • Prevents noise and vibration under intensive use
  • Thanks to its specific extreme pressure additives, it provides maximum protection of very highly loaded gears and gears subject to shocks
  • Excellent compatibility with the disk friction materials
  • Excellent performance with respect to seals
  • TOTAL DYNATRANS DA 80W-90 is recommended for the lubrication of axles and differentials equipped with limited slip discs self-locking systems for worksite equipment, agricultural machinery, 4 wheel drive passenger cars and on-road vehicles.
  • This lubricant may also be used in traditional hypoid axles not equipped with self-locking differential.

International Specifications

  • API GL-5-LS
  • MIL.L. 2105D

Manufacturers’ approvals

  • ZF TE-ML 05C/12C/16E/21C

Meets the requirements of

  • Worksite equipment: LIEBHERR, TEREX, VOLVO, CASE, JCB...
  • Agricultural tractors : CLAAS-RENAULT, NEW-HOLLAND (NH-520B/520C), DEUTZ, STEYR, FORD (M2C 104A)
  • 4 Wheel Drive passengers cars and all roads vehicles like : NISSAN, TOYOTA, GM,...

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