Product Description

Oils for moving parts operating at high temperatures (240°C).

• Ensures continuous lubrication of mechanisms at temperatures up to 240°C.

• The low volatility occurs lower oil consumption.

• Provides excellent protection for moving metal parts operating at high temperature: anti-wear properties enhanced for high temperatures.

• An adapted formulation gives tackiness and high lubricity to reduce power consumption.

• No formation of hard, tough deposits, gum, or varnish at high temperature: outstanding thermal stability.

• Ensures superbly clean lubrication circuits and lubricated parts: very good detergent properties when hot.

• Very good anti-corrosion properties: protects metal parts.

• CORTIS SHT is a synthetic oil that is particularly suitable for lubricating moving parts operating at very high temperatures.

• roller chains, conveyor rollers, and cams operating in furnaces and ovens.

• manufacture of glass containers: feeder and is machine mechanisms.

• chains and bars in wood panel production machines.


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