Product Description

Synthetic technology Low SAPS oil for gasoline and Diesel engines, formulation using a set of additives with carefully selected performance and proportions to answer to the quality standards of the Association of the European Manufacturers (ACEA) and American Petroleum Institute (API).


Type / Applications

  • Engine Oil
  • Fully Synthetic
  • Low SAPS
  • Passenger Car Engine

• TOTAL CLASSIC C2/C3 5W-30 is formulated to protect anti-pollution systems such as particulate filter and three-way catalysts. Pollutant emissions such as HC, NOx, CO, Particles are therefore reduced.

• This oil ensures optimum engine longevity with its anti-wear properties that protect the engine’s most sensitive parts.

• Its excellent resistance to temperature variations guarantees the longevity of engine parts and optimal performance level under all circumstances.

• TOTAL CLASSIC C2/C3 5W-30 satisfies the most demanding manufacturer service plans by permitting extra-long oil change intervals.

• Suitable for all gasoline and Diesel engines, including the most recent, which comply with Euro V polluting emissions reduction norms in particular.

• This pollution-control engine oil provides engines with the best possible protection against wear and clogging. The post-treatment systems, are also protected over the long-term thanks to the “Low SAPS” formulation (low content of sulphated ash, phosphorus and sulphur contents).

• Suitable for all journeys (in town, on highways and motorways) and particularly in severe weather conditions.

• Appropriate for the most severe conditions of use (sports driving, repeated start-ups, city and motorway driving). For all driving styles, particularly “vigorous” and high speeds.

International Specifications:

  • ACEA
  • C2 & C3
  • API
  • SN/CF

Meets the requirements of the following OEM specifications

  • Dexos2
  • MB 229.52

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