Product Description

Dispersive monograde mineral oils for aircraft piston engines.

Type / Applications

  • Mineral
  • Engine Oil
  • Aviation
  • Piston Engine
  • High quality mineral oil, containing modern technology dispersant additives.
  • High viscosity index.
  • Excellent resistance to oxidation.
  • Excellent dispersive power.
  • Very low pour point.

Lubrication of aircraft piston engines operating under severe and very severe conditions when an oil containing a dispersant additive is required.

AERO D oils meet the following specifications and technical instructions:

  • meet the specification J-1899 SAE Grade 40 - AIR 3570 Grade SAE 40
  • NATO Code: O-123 Obsolete
  • Joint Service Designation: OMD-160
18 x 1L
18 x 1L

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