4 Drum Spill Pallet

Product Description

4 Drum Spill Pallets (stack-able) are suitable for the outside storage and containment of four 205 litre drums.

The pallet is manufactured from tough and durable polyethylene which is resistant to most chemicals and is suitable for the safe storage of oil.

It is designed to catch and contain any drips, leaks or spills and complies fully with the Oil Storage Regulations 2001.

  • Designed for the safe containment of oils and chemicals in accordance with Oil Storage Regulations 2001.
  • Economical transportation – 18 units per pallet.
  • Suitable for the storage of four 205 litre drums.
  • Removable grid for ease of cleaning.
  • Total sump capacity of 249 litres.
  • Forklift Pockets for transportation.
  • UV stabilized and chemical resistant.
  • Easy to handle & manoeuvre.
  • UDL 1,250Kg.
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