Spill Kit in Clip-Close Bag (20 Litre)

Product Description

EVO absorbent are made from recycled natural fibres which give greater performance with huge environmental benefits, making them the superior alternative to standard polypropylene absorbent pads. Ideal for companies seeking to reduce environmental impact without sacrificing performance.

Kit Contains:
1 x Clip-Close Bag
2 x EVO Absorbent Socks (1.2M x 8cm)
10 x EVO Absorbent Pads (40cm x 50cm)
1 x Disposal Bag & Tie
1 x Instruction & Contents Sheet

  • Environmentally friendly - made from 85% recycled fibres. Lowest carbon footprint absorbent pad in Europe.
  • Significantly out-performs polypropylene absorbents.
  • Higher capacity and greater fluid retention.
  • Reduced fluid loss means less contamination of the workplace.
  • More cost-effective than polypropylene absorbents.
  • Easier and cleaner to use.
  • Ideal for companies seeking to reduce their environmental impact.
  • Tough and soft high-loft construction for maximum usability.
  • Ideal for service engineers.
  • Can be carried on maintenance response vans.
  • Fit easily into spill trays to absorb leaks and drips.

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