Petro-Canada SPX 7000 Compressor Oil

Product Description

Petro-Canada’s SPX Compressor Fluids are specially formulated synthetic lubricants which provide enhanced lubrication protection in high temperature and high pressure gas compressor operations. Unlike standard mineral oils, these polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) synthetic lubricants have much lower gas solubility, which reduce viscosity dilution and greatly improves theseparation of lubricant from the processed gas. Low ash content, high viscosity index, excellent lubricity and shear stability areadditional benefits in selecting SPX 7100, 7000 and 7220 instead of standard mineral oils for flooded screw and reciprocatingcompressors in natural gas production and service.

Extends equipment life
• Resists lubricant dilution by entrained hydrocarbons from process gases
• High viscosity index provides a stronger lubricant film over a wide range of temperatures

Helps to reduce frequency of expensive overhauls due to corrosion
• Protects equipment from corrosion due to water and/or sour gas contamination

Excellent low temperature properties
• Ensures smooth start-up in cold climates


SPX 7100 and SPX 7000 are used for flooded screw compressors in natural gas field booster service. They are widely used for applications involving harsh chemical environments and elevated temperatures where high resistance to hydrocarbon dilution is required.

SPX 7100 and SPX 7000 are recommended for:
Compression of hydrocarbon mixtures containing butane and other light hydrocarbon gases where the expected dilution by gases other than natural gas is greater than 10 wt%.

Sour natural gas and acid gas compression

• SPX 7100 and 7000 will dissolve high levels of water at temperatures below 70°C/158°F, helping to prevent corrosion during compressor shutdown.

• SPX 7100 is an ISO Viscosity Grade 100 and SPX 7000 is an ISO Viscosity Grade 150.


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