Petro-Canada REFLO Synthetic 68A Refrigeration Compressor Fluid

Product Description

Petro-Canada’s REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is a full synthetic polyalphaolefin/alkyl benzene based ammonia refrigeration compressor fluid used in industrial refrigeration systems. REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is formulated to outperform solvent refined paraffinic and naphthenic refrigerant oils by extending service life and thereby helping to significantly reduce operating costs. REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is specifically formulated to outperform straight polyalphaolefin refrigeration compressor fluids by offering better seal performance, while maintaining excellent foam control and deposit formations. The result is a refrigeration compressor fluid that offers reliable, long-term performance with the potential for significant operational cost savings as part of a proper maintenance system.


Type / Applications

  • Refrigeration Compressors
  • Low Temperature
  • Food Industry

Extreme low temperature performance

  • REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is completely wax free and can operate at temperatures well below conventional mineral oils
  • Excellent operation at low evaporator temperatures
  • None of the wax deposit problems associated with paraffinics when used at very low temperatures

Lower oil volatility reduces fluid consumption and maintenance costs

  • Significantly less volatile than solvent refined paraffinics or naphthenics at high temperatures
  • Results in less oil carryover to the refrigeration system’s low temperature side
  • Lower oil carryover also reduces plugging and deposit formation in evaporators, which helps to lower maintenance costs

Lower solubility in ammonia improves system efficiency and performance

  • REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is less soluble in ammonia refrigerant than solvent refined paraffinics and naphthenics
  • Less ammonia is absorbed into the compressor fluid, which can reduce gas entrainment in separator tanks and increase system efficiency
  • Lower concentrations of ammonia in the fluid allows it to maintain viscosity, so it lubricates better, reducing wear
  • Less compressor fluid is absorbed into the ammonia, reducing the potential for fluid to block piping, valves and filters
  • Lower concentration of compressor fluid in the ammonia also helps to maintain refrigerant purity, improving system efficiency and performance

Superior thermal and oxidation stability extends fluid life, which helps to reduce maintenance costs and downtime

  • Resistance to oxidative and thermal breakdown guards against oil thickening, deposit and sludge formation
  • Helps to keep the compressor, heat exchanger and expansion valves operating at their design efficiency and performance standards
  • Extends fluid life, even in the presence of impurities in the ammonia refrigerant, helping to save on downtime and change- out costs

REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is formulated to lubricate ammonia refrigeration compressors used in large commercial operations such as cold stores, marine systems and food processing plants; specifically blast freezers that have very low evaporator temperatures. REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is also used in manufacturing industries that require very low temperature control, such as pharmaceuticals and microelectronics. REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A can be used in ammonia refrigeration systems where evaporator temperatures are greater than -51°C (-60°F).*

Although REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is compatible with most paraffinic mineral oils, the full benefits of REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A will not be realized without a complete fluid change-out.

Please be advised that REFLO products are not recommended for top-up on pre-existing refrigeration compressor fluids with different chemistries. For example, REFLO Synthetic should not be mixed with naphthenic or aromatic type fluids. Doing

so results in increased risk of seal damage/leaks and reduce performance.

REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is formulated to have good compatibility with seal materials; it contains a seal swell agent to help minimize fluid leaks. REFLO SYNTHETIC 68A is compatible with materials such as NBR, SBR, CR, NR, MVQ.


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