Petro-Canada Premium Eco HT-E 46

Product Description

PETRO-CANADA PREMIUM ECO HT-E 46 lubricants are specially formulated, environmentally friendly hydraulic fluids that protect against wear. They are designed for year-round operation of hydraulic systems operating outdoors in difficult conditions in a very wide temperature range in areas requiring special measures to protect the environment. PETRO-CANADA PREMIUM ECO HT-E 46 is a hydraulic fluid made from Petro-Canada's special synthetic esters and unique synthetic base oils.

PETRO-CANADA PREMIUM ECO HT-E 46 fluids also include special anti-wear additives that do not contain toxic heavy metals. In addition, due to the excellent bio-degradation of special base oils, these products are especially suitable for use in hydraulic systems in easily vulnerable ecological zones.


Type / Applications

  • Biodegradable
  • Fully Synthetic
  • Hydraulic Oil
  • Premium

• Completely biodegradable.

• Reduce the risk of wastewater contamination with heavy metals.

• Non-toxic and almost odourless.

• Work in a wide temperature range.

• Hydraulic systems can be started at temperatures up to -30 ° CC.

• Provide effective lubrication of hydraulic equipment nodes at high operating temperatures.

• Unlike from vegetable oils do not thicken over time at moderately low temperatures.

• Unmatched stability to oxidation and exposure to high temperatures compared with oils based on oil and unsaturated esters.

• Excellent wear protection.

• Excellent protection against rust and corrosion.

• Unique ability to separate moisture and hydrolytic stability compared to essential oils.

• Excellent resistance to foaming.

• Excellent ability to deaeration.

• Capable of mixing with solvent-refined essential oils and minerals, as well as polyalphaolefin (RAO) liquids.

Petro-Canada's PETRO-CANADA PREMIUM ECO HT-E 64 hydraulic oils are designed for equipment used in the forestry, construction, drilling, shipping and mining industries, as well as in industrial production.

PETRO-CANADA PREMIUM ECO HT-E 46 oils can be used in systems equipped with finely porous filters with pores up to 5 microns, without any signs of reducing the effectiveness of the additive package or clogging of the filter.

PETRO-CANADA PREMIUM ECO HT-E 46 oils meet the biodegradability requirements of Sweden's Green List.


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