Petro-Canada Peerless OG2

Product Description


Petro-Canada PEERLESS™ greases are premium performance, multi-application greases formulated to reduce operating costs and provide extended protection in high temperature or wet operating conditions.

PEERLESS LLG combines three areas of high technology, namely:

• Petro-Canada ultra pure HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils

• Petro-Canada’s proven antioxidant chemistry

• The latest in calcium sulphonate complex grease thickeners

The PEERLESS OG line of extreme pressure (EP), high temperature multi-application greases are specially formulated to be highly effective in wet and marine environments. Based on a special calcium sulfonate complex thickener, these greases can absorb moderate amounts of water without softening, changing consistency or losing corrosion prevention capability.

Features and Benefits of Peerless OG Greases:

Excellent performance in the presence of water

• Stays in place in wet and marine applications

• Maintains consistency after absorbing water

• Excellent resistance to washout

Wide temperature / pressure range

• Special thickener enhances high temperature and pressure capabilities

• Low temperature hand-gun dispensing capability

• Performs well in low ambient temperature applications

Great rust and corrosion protection

• Protects components in the presence of water

• Reduces maintenance costs

Superior adhesive properties

• Protects rotating parts to reduce equipment costs

• Excellent resistance to washout for better protection

State of the art formulations

• Excellent protection against rust and corrosion especially in marine applications

• Excellent adhesive properties to protect rotating parts and reduce equipment cost

• Built-in, non-sacrificial anti-oxidant chemistry for long life


Petro-Canada PEERLESS LLG and OG Greases are formulated to provide excellent lubrication in a wide range of applications especially under high temperature and extremely wet operating conditions. PEERLESS greases are recommended for a full range of industrial and automotive applications including:

• General Manufacturing

• Pulp & Paper

• Fleet

• Power Generating

• Forestry

Available Quantities

30 x 400G
30 x 400G

Product Category

  • Grease

Product Oil-Type

  • Biodegradable Oils
  • Greases

Product Profile


A premium multi-application calcium sulphonate complex grease, Peerless OG2 and OG2 Red have excellent performance in the presence of water, wide operating temperature range, great rust and corrosion protection and superior adhesive Properties. Applications include:

• Wheel bearings

• Automotive chassis

• Forklift mast slides

• Power shovel bucket pins

• Mining scoop trams

• Rock crushers

• Farming Equipment

• Pulp press roller bearings