Petro-Canada Heavy Duty Synthetic Blend ATF

Product Description

DuraDrive HD Synthetic Blend and DuraDrive HD Long Drain Automatic Transmission Fluids are specially formulated to perform under the demanding severe service operating conditions found in heavy duty transmission systems. They are designed for use in commercial applications where Severe Duty and Extended Drain Interval fluids are specified.

DuraDrive HD Synthetic Blend ATF is fully approved for extended drain application in Voith and ZF commercial transmissions. Field testing has also confirmed it is suitable for use in extended drain application in Allison commercial transmissions.

DuraDrive HD ATFs are formulated with HT Purity Process 99.9% pure base oils. By removing the impurities that hinder the performance of competitive conventional ATF fluids. The combination of PURITY™ base oils and leading-edge additive systems in DuraDrive HD ATF formulations helps retain their fresh oil properties longer resulting in superior product performance.


Type / Applications

  • Transmission / Gear Oils
  • Synthetic Blend
  • Automatic Transmission

Outstanding resistance to oxidative and thermal breakdown

• Prevents corrosion and the formation of harmful sludge and deposits. Keeps transmissions clean & properly functional
• Suitable for severe service & extended drain

Exceptional low / high temperature fluidity

• Delivers quick lubrication of transmission components in cold weather
• Maintains desired viscosity & oil film strength in high temperature operation
• Earlier drive away and smooth gear shifting during low temperature operation
• Extends clutch life
• Efficient heat removal from clutch surfaces
• Excellent high and low temperature properties

Excellent anti-wear protection

• Reduces wear on bearings, bushings and gears
• Suitable for heavy loading & high operating temperature
• Protects clutches from glazing

Stable friction properties

• High torque capacity avoids clutch slippage & wear
• Maintains transmission efficiency & fuel economy
• Suitable for stop-start severe service
• Excellent shift quality throughout service life
• Prevents clutch shudder in modulated torque converters
• Clutch plates and bands last longer

Compatible with all transmission seal materials

• Helps maintain seal integrity

This ATF is suitable for use in heavy duty fleets for up to 80,000 km (50,000 miles) in severe service and 160,000 km (100,000 miles) in normal service as defined by the OEM Guidelines.

OEM Approvals:


  • Voith H55.6335.xx (standard drain, 60K km) – Approved
  • Voith H55.6336.xx (extended drain, 120K km) – Approved


  • ZF TE-ML 14B extended drain applications (ZF001236) – Approved
  • ZF TE-ML 03D, 04D, 16L, 17C (ZF001236) – Approved


  • C4 (obsolete) – Legacy Approved
  • TES-295 – Suitable for use

General Motors

  • Former DEXRON®[1]-IIIH, -IIIG, -IIE, -II- Suitable for use


  • MERCON®[2] – Suitable for use
  • MERCON®V – Suitable for use


  • TO2 (Obsolete) – Suitable for use


  • MB 236.1/.5/.6/.7 – Suitable for use


  • MAN 339 Typ Z2 & V2 – Suitable for use


  • 97341 – Suitable for use

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