Petro-Canada ENDURATEX Synthetic EP 220

Product Description

Petro-Canada’s ENDURATEX™ EP Gear Oils are premium quality, extreme-pressure lubricants designed for use in enclosed industrial gear drives operating under normal, heavy or shock- loaded conditions. They are also recommended for lubricating plain or anti-friction bearings running under heavy or shock-loaded conditions.

ENDURATEX EP Gear Oils are specially formulated to deliver sustained long-life, anti- wear and extreme pressure protection to industrial gear drives and bearings.   These oils are available in nine ISO viscosity grades and two multi-grades.


Type / Applications

  • Fully Synthetic
  • Industrial Gear Oil
  • Uses advanced Synthetic base oils and additives to reduce friction and improve energy efficiency over a wide temperature range
  • Outstanding anti-wear protection, to help extend equipment life
  • Outstanding oxidative and thermal stability, which can mean extended fluid and component life
  • Designed for enclosed gearboxes and bearings operating under severe load conditions, and in wide temperature extremes

Petro-Canada’s ENDURATEX Synthetic EP premium performance lubricants are recommended for enclosed industrial gear drives and bearings particularly where they are operated under heavy duty conditions such as heavy loading, slow speed, shock loads and in wide extremes of temperature.

For gearboxes that operate outdoors, selected ISO grades of ENDURATEX Synthetic EP oils are capable of operating at temperatures as low as -30°C (-22°F) or below. ENDURATEX Synthetic EP oils are compatible with mineral oils, polyalphaolefin lubricants and most seal materials except natural rubber.

OEM Approvals

Hansen Gearboxes

  • Reference: RnD.16.0029-A-CE / ISO DIN51502
  • Approval Class: Approved for Use  


  • Approval Class: Registered

Siemens / Flender Rev. 15

  • Reference: Helical, Bevel, and Planetary Gear Units
  • Approval Class: Approved for Use


  • Reference: CLP HC 150, 220, 320, 460 Gearbox
  • Approval Class: Approved for Use


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