Petro-Canada Dexron -VI ATF

Product Description


Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI is an exceptional automatic transmission fluid approved by General Motors for use in vehicles with automatic transmissions. This unique fluid is specially formulated to provide twice the service life of a DEXRON®-III (H) ATF and offers enhanced performance for both new and older transmissions. It is designed to protect transmissions through improved oxidation resistance, friction durability, shear stability and wear protection to help meet warranty protection requirements in late model vehicles. Designed to provide responsive shift feel throughout the life of the oil, Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI ATF consistently protects vehicle transmissions longer than all previous DEXRON® type fluids.

Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI ATF was developed in conjunction with General Motors fluid design criteria for all 2006 and beyond model year vehicles with automatic transmissions calling for the GMW16444 specification. It is formulated with Petro-Canada’s 99.9% pure Purity Base Oils manufactured using the HT Purity Process and an enhanced additive system. Petro-Canada offers you an automatic transmission fluid that is the same high performance fluid as used at the factory for initial fill. In addition, as a development partner, Petro-Canada was granted the first DEXRON®-VI ATF license number from General Motors (J-60001).

Features and Benefits:

Extended fluid life

• Extends life of the transmission

• Potential to extend drain intervals

Enhanced product performance for newer and older transmissions

• Outstanding resistance against sludge & deposit formation

• Improved oxidation and thermal stability versus DEXRON®-III (H) ATF

• Superior anti-wear protection

• Outstanding low temperature fluidity

• Enhanced foam control which maintains responsive shifts and reduces wear on bearings, bushing and gears

More consistent shifting performance

• Optimised frictional properties

• Prevents clutch shudder in modulated torque converters

• Extended fluid and clutch durability

• Smooth gear shifting during low temperature operation

• Clutch plates and bands last longer

Improved fuel economy versus DEXRON®-III (H) ATF

• Improved torque transfer versus DEXRON®-III (H) ATF

• More consistent viscosity profile which maintains a consistent torque performance

• Lower viscosity versus DEXRON®-III (H)

• Improved shear stability


Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI ATF is recommended for all 2006 and beyond GM vehicles with automatic transmissions calling for the GMW16444 specification. It is designed to be fully back serviceable for DEXRON®-III (H), III(G) and II(E) applications.

Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI is suitable for use where Volvo specification 97342 is mandated. It is also suitable for use where Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep vehicles specify Part Number 68043742AA. Note that most Chrysler automatic transmissions call for ATF+4®,  also available from Petro-Canada.

Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI is also Voith Transmission approved for the 36,000 mile standard drain interval (H55.6335.xx DIWA Service Bulletin 013 and 118, formerly G1363).

MB-Approval 236.41

Petro-Canada DEXRON®-VI ATF is approved for use in Mercedes-Benz vehicles requiring a fluid meeting MB 236.41.

Always consult the vehicle owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

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  • Automotive Oils

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  • Gear or Transmission Oils

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Petro-Canada Lubricants starts with the HT purity process to produce water-white, 99.9% pure base oils. The result is a range of lubricants, speciality Fluids and greases that deliver maximum performance.