Petro-Canada COMPRO Synthetic

Product Description

Petro-Canada’s COMPRO™ Synthetic Compressor Fluid is a premium quality lubricant specifically designed for rotary screw compressors running at very high or very low temperatures, or in severe service applications where there can be no risk of varnish or carbon residue on compressor components.

COMPRO Synthetic is formulated from a custom blend of polyalkylene glycol (PAG) and ester fluids, and is fortified with anti-wear and anti-corrosion additives.


Type / Applications

  • Compressor
  • Fully Synthetic

Will not form varnish or carbon residue on compressor even at very high operating temperatures
• Better resistance, versus all hydrocarbon based fluids, to oxidative breakdown caused by exposure to air at high discharge temperatures
• Keeps compressor components completely free of carbon, sludge and varnish
• Ensures trouble free operation and lower maintenance costs on fluid change-out
• Extends oil change intervals to 8,000 hours service in rotary screw compressors, even at air discharge temperatures as high as 105OC (221OF)

Operates at very high and very low temperatures
• Provides worry free service, even in extreme operating conditions
• Allows quick start-up, in low ambient temperature applications
• Ideal for compressors operating in remote environments where the risk of compressor downtime is critical

Excellent protection against wear
• Prolongs the service life of working components
• Can extend the time between compressor overhauls
• Reduces overall maintenance costs

Protects against rust and corrosion
• Helps to extend component life

Low volatility reduces oil carry-over into the air system
• Reduces fluid consumption

COMPRO Synthetic Compressor Fluid is specifically designed for rotary screw air compressors operating in severe applications, including high and low temperature extremes. It is available in an ISO 32 viscosity grade.

COMPRO Synthetic is suitable for use in compressors that handle air and inert gases such as nitrogen, argon, hydrogen, neon, helium, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and blast furnace gas.

COMPRO Synthetic is compatible with standard seal and hose materials used in most compressors.

NOTE: COMPRO Synthetic should not be used in systems compressing wet or sour hydrocarbon gases. For these applications, Petro-Canada’s Compressor Oil RP, SPX Fluid or NGS Fluid is recommended.

NOTE: COMPRO Synthetic must not be used in the compression of oxygen, or other chemically active gases such as chlorine or hydrogen chloride.

NOTE: Do not use in breathing air apparatus or medical equipment

Operational Considerations:
COMPRO Synthetic’s polyalkylene glycol (PAG) chemistry has a natural tendency to dissolve or absorb water. For this reason, COMPRO Synthetic is not recommended in compressor applications where there is the potential for excessive water contamination or exposure to corrosive environments. While COMPRO Synthetic is compatible with other polyalkylene glycol (PAG) based fluids, it is not compatible with mineral oil based fluids, or other synthetic compressor fluid chemistries and should not be mixed or contaminated with these fluids.

Certain makes of compressors do not permit complete draining, so if the drained oil is not compatible with COMPRO Synthetic, flushing and/or cleaning must be performed at the time of fluid change-over. For complete instructions on cleaning varnished compressors, or the flushing and recharging of your compressor with COMPRO Synthetic Compressor Fluid, consult with a Petro-Canada Technical Services Advisor.


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