Petro-Canada ATF D3M

Product Profile

Petro-Canada Lubricants starts with the HT purity process to produce water-white, 99.9% pure base oils. The result is a range of lubricants, speciality fluids and greases that deliver maximum performance.

Product Description


Petro-Canada ATF D3M is an automatic  transmission fluid that demonstrates exceptional oxidation and thermal stability, giving extremely long service life.

Petro-Canada ATF D3M is formulated with Petro- Canada’s 99.9% pure base oils manufactured using the HT Purity Process and a leading-edge additive system. This provides you with an Automatic Transmission Fluid with longer service life thereby increasing your productivity due to less  maintenance downtime and avoidance of costly transmission repair bills.

Features and Benefits:

Exceptional oxidation and thermal stability giving you a fluid that stays like new longer

•  Lasts 160,000 km (100,000 miles) under normal driving conditions

• Extends transmission life

• Improves fuel economy

Outstanding fluidity at low temperatures

• Allows cold weather start-ups at temperatures down to -40°C / -40°F

• Reduces transmission wear during cold weather starting

• Provides smooth gear shifting during low temperature operation

Superior anti-wear protection

• Reduces wear on bearings, bushings and gears

• Extends transmission life

Optimised frictional properties

• Gives smooth gear shifts throughout fluid life

• Prevents clutch shudder in modulated torque converters

• Clutch plates and bands last longer


Petro-Canada ATF D3M is recommended for automatic, power-shift and hydro-static transmissions installed in many older cars and trucks, as well as off-highway vehicles. It also gives excellent performance when used as a hydraulic fluid in mobile equipment.

Petro-Canada ATF D3M may be used in automatic transmissions where a fluid meeting the former DEXRON® -III(H), -III(G), -II(E), -II or Ford MERCON® specification is recommended.

In addition, Petro-Canada ATF D3M is Allison TES- 389 licensed and may also be used where the following specifications are recommended:

• Mercedes-Benz 236.1

• Allison V-730D and C-4

• Caterpillar TO - 2

• Ford M2C166H

• Also meets requirements for Clark Power-shift & Renke transmissions

• May also be used in hydraulic and power steering systems.

• Meets the Ministry of Defence UK requirement for Joint Service Designation OX-75

Petro-Canada ATF D3M should NOT be used where a Ford “Type F” fluid is recommended. Consult your vehicle owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Note: GM recommends the use of DEXRON®-VI for all GM automatic transmissions. Ford recommends the use of MERCON®-V in all Ford automatic transmissions where the former MERCON® specification was required.

Product Quantities


Product Category

  • Automotive Oils

Product Oil-Type

  • Biodegradable Oils
  • Gear or Transmission Oils

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