Oil Absorbent Granules 20 Litre Bag

Product Description

- This plastic break bag spill kit will absorb up to 18 litres of liquid - be it water, oil or other chemicals.

- The plastic bag is designed to be used in quick response to spillages, with the added portability factor.

- This has made it ideal for drum storage areas in factories, laboratories, refuelling points, garages and building sites.

- The materials used in this product are made from 100% recycled materials.

Available Quantities

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Product Category

  • Equipment

Product Oil-Type

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Product Profile

- Capacity: 20L

- Weight: 3Kg (approx)

- Dimensions: 52 x 42 x 12cm (approx)

This Bag Contains:

- 1 x BreakTop Bag

- 10 x Absorbent Oil and Fuel Pads (40 x 50cm)

- 2 x Absorbent Socks

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