Linelube Syn C3 5w30

Product Profile

API                      SN/CF
ACEA                  C2, C3
BMW                   LL-04
GM                      Dexos 2
MB                       229.51
Peugeot Citroën  Meeting the requirements of current specifications
Porsche               C30
VW                      502/505

Product Description

Product Description: Linelube Engine Oil Synthetic 5w-30 C3

Synthetic C3 5W/30 is a low SAPS (Sulphated Ash Phosphorus and Sulphur) fully synthetic multigrade engine oil. Low SAPS additive technology ensure optimum performance of emission control equipment including diesel particulate filters (DPF). The additive technology also provides long term emission system protection, ensuring a high level of constant pollution control thereby minimising environmental damage and long term wear protection.


  • Effective environmental protection
  • Ensures lubricant performance over extended drain intervals
  • Effective fuel efficiency
  • Very high standards of engine cleanliness
  • Long term anti-wear and oxidation stability
  • Excellent high and low temperature performance
  • Long term additive performance


Synthetic C3 5W/30 is particularly formulated to meet the performance demands and requirements of the BMW LL-04 specification and MB 229.51 which encompass high standards of emission control under all conditions including vigorous high speed styles of driving.

Product Quantities


Product Category

  • Automotive Oils

Product Oil-Type

  • Engine Oils

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