Linelube Super Universal Tractor Oil 15W30

Product Description

linelube Super Universal Tractor Oil (SUTO) is designed to cover virtually all the lubrication requirements of agricultural machinery including farm tractors. It provides excellent high and low temperature stability, high standards of engine cleanliness and good oxidation resistance. Its natural high lubricity offers lower internal friction for reduced engine wear.

Type / Applications

  • Multi-purpose
  • Meets a range of OEM requirements
  • Helps reduce wet brake noise or “squawk”
  • Suitable for many agricultural machinery requirements
  • API diesel & petrol engine specifications requirements

linelube Super Universal Tractor Oil is suitable for use in both normally aspirated and turbocharged diesel and petrol engines, transmission systems including those fitted with wet brakes, hydraulic systems, oil immersed clutches, gearboxes and final drives. It is suitable for agricultural, plant and off road machinery.

  • Massey Ferguson M1139, M1144, M1145
  • API CE/SF (Engine), GL-4 (Gears)
  • Ford M2C 86A, 134B/C, 159B
  • Mercedes Benz 227.1
  • CCMC D4/G2
  • John Deere J20A
  • ZF TE ML 06B, 06L, 07B, 07D
  • Caterpillar TO-2
  • Allison C4
4 x 5L
4 x 5L

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