Linelube Quenching Oil

Product Description

Quenching Oil 3 is a fully accelerated excellent quality quench oil designed for high speed quenching operations which require maximum performance in terms of strength and hardness, with very low distortion of difficult alloys. Quenching Oil 3 has been developed using highly refined paraffinic base stocks, which demonstrate excellent thermal stability, low volatility and inherent oxidation resistance, these properties being necessary to maintain performance over extensive periods of operation. Quenching Oil 3 incorporates a high percentage of advanced additives which provides consistent accelerated quench speeds by imparting high surface activity, thereby reducing the vapour blanket contact time during the cooling stage, promoting improved initial thermal conductivity and even hardening.

  • Fully accelerated quenching oil
  • High percentage of additives
  • Anti-corrosion properties
  • High stable quench speed
  • Long life and lasting performance
  • Highly resistance to oxidation and thermal decomposition
  • Consistent response to temperature variation
  • Uniform Quenching characteristics producing consistent quality

Quenching Oil 3 is recommended for use as a fully accelerated quench oil in all types of systems including open tank quenching, sealed quenching furnaces and link and mesh belt continuous hearth furnaces. It is particularly suitable for heavy section steels of low harden-ability, and is recommended where minimum staining of components is desired. It is recommended that circulation of Quenching Oil 3 during use should be maintained, in order to achieve a uniform oil temperature within the tank and at the component surface and to disperse the vapour blanket.

4 x 5L
4 x 5L

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