linelube FS8042 Neat Cutting Oil

Product Description

A high performance, extreme pressure, neat metalworking oil formulated using high film strength additives offering superb hydronamic performance. Typically used in single and multi-spindle lathes, automatic lathes and high speed CNC sliding head machines.

Product Oil Type

  • Cutting Oil
  • Excellent wetting and cooling
  • Excellent tool life
  • Superior lubrication
  • Hgh film strength
  • Excellent rust control
  • Low top up
  • High flash point
  • Sulphur free
  • Phosphorous free
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Non staining
  • Low misting
  • Low drag out
  • Clean and pleasant to use

• Formulated particularly for multi-metal operations of more severity, particularly where good surface finish and prolonged tool life are critical factors.

• For use on high tensile steels and toughened alloys and is particularly suitable for machines and applications that require a high flash point neat cutting oil.


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