Linelube FS2628 Soluble Cutting Oil (Milky White)

Product Description

linelube FS2628 is a high performance water soluble cutting fluid with superior lubrication to enhance the machining of aluminium and associated alloys.

Appearance: Milky White

  • Chlorine free
  • Low staining to aluminium and its alloys
  • Advanced design offering excellent tool life
  • Versatility for mixed machining operations
  • Suitable for more arduous operations
  • Long sump life
  • Excellent corrosion protection
  • Stable in harder water areas
  • High surface finish
  • Clean and pleasant to use
  • linelube FS2628 has been specifically designed for its ability to withstand high rates of flow and pressures encountered in modern day CNC machining whilst also providing excellent stability in hard water areas.
  • linelube FS2628 also demonstrates outstanding lubrication performance without the requirement for traditional extreme pressure additives. FS2628 is ideally suited for precision machining on low to medium tensile ferrous metals and non-ferrous materials particularly aluminium where low tolerances are essential and excellent surface finish required.


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