Linelube CVT Fluid

Product Profile

 Toyota CVTF TC

 Subaru Lineartroincs HT Chain CVT

 Toyota CVTF FE

 Daihatsu Ammix CVT

 Nissan NS-1,2,3

 Suzuki CVTF TC

 Honda HMMF *1)

 Suzuki NS-2 Suzuki CVT Green 1&2

 Honda HCF2

 Hyundai SP-III (CVT Model)

 Mitsubishi SP-III

 Chrysler Jeep NS-2/CVTF +4

 Mitsubishi CVTF-J1


 Mazda JWS 3320

 Mini Cooper EZL799

Product Description

Product Description: Linelube CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) Fluid

Linelube CVT Fluid is a synthetic based lubricant designed specifically for the new generation of automatic Continuous Variable Transmissions of all vehicle manufacturers including Fiat, Ford and Volvo. CVT Fluid is based on synthetic stocks plus c anti wear, anti-foam and anti-oxidant additives. CVT Fluid also contains a friction modifier, viscosity index improver and pour point depressant.


  • Anti-wear, anti-foam and antioxidant additives.
  • Longer drain periods
  • Effective foam control
  • Superior wear protection
  • Excellent thermal protection


All automatic Continuous Variable Transmission units. Also other ATF applications where extremely high temperatures are present, and using mineral oil based products can cause performance problems. CVT Fluid will provide much longer drain periods without loss of crisp shift feel.

Product Quantities


Product Category

  • Agricultural Oils
  • Automotive Oils

Product Oil-Type

  • Fully Synthetic Oils
  • Gear or Transmission Oils

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