Linelube 4 Stroke 10w40 Semi Syn

Product Profile


API       SJ

Product Description

Linelube Gear Oil semi-synthetic 4 Stroke 10W40 is a  high performance semi synthetic four stroke oil, based on synthetic and  highly refined mineral base oils. A four stroke oil that offers easier gear  shifting and incorporates anti-wear additives and long lasting shear  resistance for excellent gear protection and improved acceleration response.


•                     Semi Synthetic.

•                     Excellent Thermal stability.

•                     Smooth Gear change.

•                     Suitable for high performance bike engines.

•                     Improved throttle response


Linelube Gear Oil semi-synthetic 4 Stroke 10W40 has been  enhanced to provide performance and protection for modern engines requiring  the JASO MA2 and API SJ performance standard.

Product Quantities

4 x 5L
4 x 5L

Product Category

  • Automotive Oils

Product Oil-Type

  • Motorcycle Oils
  • Semi-Synthetic Oils

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