Diesel Transfer Pump Kit 12 Volt (Heavy Duty)

Product Description

Complete 12v Fuel Transfer Kit.


  • Aluminium Fuel Dispensing Nozzle.
  • 2M of Wire Reinforced Suction Hose.
  • 4M of Rubber Fuel Dispensing Hose.
  • 12V Fuel Transfer Pump.
  • Hose adaptors (x4) - 2 x for pump inlet / outlet (1 x for fuel dispensing nozzle / 1 x for mesh foot filter).
  • Hose clips (x4)
  • Automatic fuel dispensing nozzle (Shuts off when tank is full)
  • Mechanical fuel meter
  • 5 meters of 20mm black reinforced PVC hose
  • Carry Handle
  • IP55 On/Off Switch
  • PTFE Sealing Tape
  • Mesh filter
  • Crocodile battery connectors
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