Barrel Pump - Syphon 205L

Product Description

- Durable poly ethylene construction resists chemicals to maximise life of pump.

- 850mm long suction tube with 2" BSP threaded collar is ideal for containers or drums up to 210 litres.

- Time efficient; delivers mild solvents, light oils, corrosives, dilute acid/caustics, liquid waxes and disinfectants at up to 30 litres per minute.

- Includes 120cm long dispensing hose.

- Easy to install and operate.

- Can also be used for most pails and drums.

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Product Category

  • Equipment

Product Oil-Type

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Product Profile

- An easy to use hand operated syphon pump.

- Used to safely and easily dispense of fuel, oil, water and lubricants from car radiators and fuel tanks.

- Easy to operate utilising a large ball type syphon.

- Flexible outlet tube makes the pump ideal for transferring liquids from / to tanks, drums etc.

- Designed for fluid transfer on 205 litre drums and adaptable to fit most pails and drums.

- Not designed to pump corrosive liquids, chemical solvents/extractions, acidic and alkaline liquids.

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