Barrel Pump - Lever with hose

Product Description

- Design for efficient dispensing and transferring liquids.

- Top quality pump construction provides excellent fluid compatibility.

- Self-adjusting telescopic suction tube for flexible dispensing.

- Cushioned grip for easy, non-slip pumping.

- Removable spout is threaded to fit garden hoses.

- Fits up to 55 gallon drums.

- Suitable for fuel and oils up to SEA90.

- Ideal for pumping diesel, gear oil, engine oil and many other non-corrosive liquids Max flow rate: 20L/min.

- Delivery (approx.): 200-300 c.c. per stroke.

- Suitable bung nut diameter (approx): 45mm and 58mm.

- Outlet hose diameter (approx): 19mm.

- Telescopic suction tube: 455-773mm adjustable.

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Product Category

  • Equipment

Product Oil-Type

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Product Profile

This lever type of barel pump is designed to help you get the job done the easy way. It is a smart tool to dispense gear oil, diesel and other non-corrosive liquids from barrels quickly and easily.

In the Box:

- Telescopic Suction Tube

- Pumps Body

- Flat Seal

- Outlet Nut

- Outlet Spout

- Shaft

- Lever

- Clip

- Bolt

- Bung Adaptor

- 1 Metre of Hose.

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