AdBlue Barrel Pump (Polypropylene)

Product Description

Manual pump, suitable with AdBlue, water based fluids, antifreeze, windscreen washer fluid, herbicide, pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Supplied with a suction pipe with one part telescopic and a 2m outlet hose (flexible corrugated PVC hose).  Can fit onto top of an IBC using a CDS connector (CDS.CON).

  • Temperature range -5°C(23°F) to (45°C) (115°F).
  • Flow rate: 500ml per stroke.
  • Suction: 350-980mm (2 Piece) pipe.
  • Mounting: 2"M BSPP & Trisure/Valorex adaptor.
  • Lever action pump for use with 205 litre AdBlue drums.
  • Fitted with EPDM seals Approximately 0.5 litre per cycle.
  • Lever features extremely smooth pumping action.
  • Wide chemical compatibility.
  • Complete with 2 metre PVC hose and 2" BSP to Trisure (M) adaptor.
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