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Winter Driving Checklist

December 2021
Winter Driving Checklist

Winter Essentials for your CAR

  • Screen Wash - should be mixed at the correct ratio to stop it freezing in the car and nozzles.
  • Engine Coolant - (Antifreeze) again should be mixed to the correct ratio. If too weak or too strong it can impair the performance.
  • Engine Oil - Make sure you have the correct engine oil as specified by the manufacturer. This will reduce undue wear on the engine during cold starting.
  • Battery - Make sure the battery is fully charged (and is holding it’s charge). Cold temperatures put greater demand on the battery.
  • Ice Scrapper - Allows you to manually clear the ice/snow.
  • De-Icer - Helps clear the ice/snow quicker. Failure to remove snow and ice properly could incur a fine and add 3 points to your licence.
  • Torch & Spare Batteries - If you break down, you'll need to find a safe place to wait for roadside assistance. A torch will help light your way on a dark verge.
  • Mobile Phone - Make sure your phone is fully charged, or carry a portable charger in case of breakdown. If you're delayed because of bad weather (or in a weather related incident), it's a good idea to let your loved ones know. It'll save them worrying and stop any distracting texts and phone calls coming in while you're behind the wheel.

Winter Essentials for the DRIVER/PASSENGER

  • Warning Triangle - A must have by law
  • Warm Clothing - To keep you warm if you get stuck due to the weather. A blanket is also a good idea.
  • Water & Non-perishable Snacks - If you breakdown you want to make sure you stay hydrated and have some food incase of a long wait.
  • High Vis - A must have by law.
  • First Aid Kit - It's always a good idea to keep a first aid kit in your car.
  • Sunglasses - It might seem strange to put sunglasses on a winter checklist. But actually, the low sun in winter can dazzle drivers and cause glare.
  • Fuel Can - You'd be surprised how many breakdowns are caused by running out of fuel.
  • Shovel - To help clear heavy snow.
  • Tow Rope - To assist in moving stuck vehicles.
  • Rock Salt - To add additional grip to slippery surfaces.