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 ISO 6743 classified DAJ for heavy duty applications.


 The properties of DACNIS SH:

- avoids the carbon build up

- allows a good oil/air and oil/condensates separation

- protects the screws against wear and corrosion.

The use of DACNIS SH allows real cuts in the operating costs of the compressed air production facility by:

 Optimising the compressor efficiency

 Extending the drain intervals. The possible achieved drain

intervals can be:

- from 4000 to 6000 hours for fixed compressors in standard use

- up to 8000 hours with lubricant analysis monitoring.

 Extending the service life of the separating filter elements.

The DACNIS SH have an anti-clogging property that ensures the efficiency of the filters during a long period (up to 8000 hours).


 Lubrication and cooling of the following types of air compressors:

- rotary screw compressors (ISO VG 32, 46, 68)

- reciprocating compressors (ISO VG 100).

 Recommended whenever the discharge temperature exceeds 90°C and/or the discharge pressure exceeds 10 bars.

 Recommended for the lubrication of gears, plain and roller bearings working under severe conditions, where a CKS level is required.

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