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 ISO 15380: HEES

 Registration number : FR / 27 / 02 AFNOR CERTIFICATION.

Reduced harm for water and soil during use. Reduced CO2 emissions.

For more information on the European Ecolabel, please consult:

 Meets the requirements of the Swedish Standard SS 15 54 34.


 Produced with renewable raw materials, BIOHYDRAN TMP is contributes to CO2-emission reduction.

 High natural viscosity index gives BIOHYDRAN TMP a wide temperature operating window (-20°C to 80°C).

 The very high shear stability of BIOHYDRAN TMP will ensure the hydraulic equipment is kept to an optimum efficiency during the fluid service life.

 The good lubricating properties, as well as the very good wear and corrosion protection, will extend the life of the hydraulic system’s moving components


 BIOHYDRAN TMP is a biodagradable synthetic hydraulic fluid offering good lubricating properties. It was designed for demanding hydraulic systems requiring hydraulic fluids with re-enforced anti-wear properties.

 BIOHYDRAN TMP is recommended for use when incidental spillage in environmentally sensitive areas can occur, eg : forestry works, navigation, off-shore, water catchment areas, ski resorts, hydroelectric stations etc…

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