Petro-Canada Chrysler ATF+4 Fluid

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Petro-Canada ATF+4® has been tested and approved by FCA US LLC. It is the recommended transmission fluid for top-up and refill of all automatic transmissions in FCA vehicles where ATF+4® or earlier versions of ATF+®, such as ATF+3® standard is recommended.

Petro-Canada offers a complete line of automatic transmission fluids to meet your needs. Always consult your owner’s manual.


Petro-Canada ATF+4® Automatic Transmission Fluid is the recommended fluid for use in FCA Group (formerly known as Chrysler Group) automatic transmissions. It has been extensively tested and approved by FCA US LLC under their Material Specification MS-9602.

Formulated using 100% PURITY™ VHVI MSynthetic Base Fluids and an unique additive system, Petro-Canada ATF+4® contributes to the overall performance of the transmission by delivering optimized shift efficiency, Improved oxidation and shear stability and extended drain intervals over ATF+3® fluids.

ATF+4® is the recommended top-up and refill automatic transmission fluid for Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge vehicles with automatic transmissions where ATF+4®, and ATF+3® is recommended. It meets the requirements of current and previous standard for DaimlerChrysler Automatic Transmission Fluids. ATF+4® ensures improved wear protection, smoother cold weather operation and anti-shudder durability.

Features and Benefits

Tested and approved by FCA US LLC under their Material Specification MS-9602

• Warranty protection

• Improved protection and performance over ATF+3® standard

Superior wear protection and anti-shudder durability

• Extends transmission life

• Reduces maintenance costs

• More consistent viscosity profile for improved shift feel performance

Improved low temperature flow

• Smoother shifts in cold weather

• Reduced wear on transmission components during cold weather operation

Improved oxidation and thermal stability over previous ATF+3®standard

• Improved fluid durability

• Less fluid top-up required

• Reduced service costs

• Improved fuel economy

Extended drain interval over previous ATF+3®standard

• Extensively tested to exceed 160,000 kilometres (100,000 mile) intervals

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