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Petro-Canada Ardee Oils are designed for use in pneumatic percussion equipment operated at high cubic feet per minute (CFM) air flow rates. They can also be used in all types of equipment lubricated with in-line oilers.

Ardee Oils meet or surpass the following equipment manufacturers’ rock-drill oil specifications for specific viscosity grades: Ingersoll-Rand, Joy and Worthington.

Applications include the lubrication of pneumatic equipment used for mining and tunnelling, jack- hammers, riveters, pavement breakers, tampers and other construction equipment.

Both Ardee 32 and 100 have been used successfully in water injection plunger pumps. They work well because of the presence of a tackifier and rust and corrosion inhibitors in the formulation.


Petro-Canada Ardee Oils are specially formulated to lubricate and cool the mechanisms of air- operated rock drills. Ardee Oils are blended from ultra pure Petro-Canada HT Severely Hydrocracked base oils and a carefully balanced set of lubricant additives to give the best possible performance in tough  rock drill applications.

Features and Benefits

High film strength and lubricity

• Reduces scoring failures during sudden high pressure sliding

• Minimizes wear due to repeated heavy loading

• EP protection prevents welding or scoring under constant shock loading

Long-term rust and corrosion protection

• Protects iron parts from rusting during constant exposure to moisture

• Reduces chemical attack on bronze or brass components

Good emulsifying characteristics

• Maintains a continuous lubricant film on metal surfaces

• Reduces water from displacing the lubricant and wetting the metal surface

Excellent adhesive properties

• Oil sticks firmly to cylinder walls and other drill parts under the most adverse conditions

• Constant oil film minimizes wear to cylinders and other drill parts

Low misting tendency

• Reduces undesirable misting

• Lowers oil consumption

Resists forming carbon at high temperatures

• Lowers tendency of drills to diesel  (to combust) during severe operations

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