Linelube Hydraulic HVI ISO 46

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  1. Agricultural Oils
  1. Hydraulic Oils
  1. Industrial Oils
  1. Hydraulic Oil
Quantities Available

Vickers M-2950-S

Commercial Hydraulics HD2/900

Denison HF-0 & HF-2

Din 51524 Part 3, 51517 Part 3, DIN ISO 6743-4

Cincinnati Milacron P68-70

US Steel 127

Product Description: Linelube Hydraulic Oils HVI 15-68

Linelube Hydraulic HVI Oils are high viscosity index industrial hydraulic oils, manufactured from a blend of solvent refined mineral oils, shear stable viscosity index improver and a multipurpose hydraulic oil additive system. HVI hydraulic oils have good oxidation resistance lowering the possibility of gums and lacquers. They are blended using carefully selected additives and special viscosity index improvers, which offer superior viscosity/temperature characteristics.


  • Anti-wear, anti-oxidant and antifoam additives
  • Effective corrosion inhibitor
  • Good water separating characteristics to minimize emulsions
  • Low foaming and corrosion protection properties
  • Low temperature performance


The primary application for Linelube Hydraulic HVI Oil is machinery operating under wide temperature variations including high pressures, specifically in vane type pumps. HVI Super Hydraulic Oil is specifically recommended for Poclain excavators.

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